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You can contact us for further evaluation of your destination and purpose.

Note Refund are subject to eligibity. Please read Airline terms and condition for eligibity before requesting for a refund.

Claiming a refund:

  • Via phone call: The traveler can dial the contact number available on the website and contact the representative. Further, they can provide the booking details. If the booking is found eligible, then one can claim a refund for the same.
  • Via email: Also, the traveler can send an official email to Swag explaining the reason for the last-minute cancellation or change in plan and process a refund. Once the request is submitted, the customer will get a refund to the original payment source.

As We confirms reservations in collaboration with the service providers, in case of travel emergencies, one needs to reach out to the airline or hotel directly to seek suitable solutions as per their issues and queries.

However, if customers have doubts or issues regarding the reservations and booking can directly contact Our representatives via phone call, email, social media handles to seek required assistance to manage the reservations in time.

Please read the airline Bagage rules.

Send us an email or fill the form on the corporate travel page. We will contact you as soon as possible